"As a photographer I am interested in the portrait, it's essential qualities, and what it means to be photographed. My work investigates how pose, gesture, eye contact, and environment reveal certain aspects of an individual's character.

I use a medium format film camera on a tripod with a set of portable strobe lights, resulting in images that are hyper-clear and crisp in detail. Relatively long exposures allow for a sense of the subject's self-reflection, complicating the dynamics of the photographer/sitter/viewer relationship.

My latest series, "We Come Here All the Time": Dog Walkers of Echo Park, documents the diversity of a rapidly gentrifying Los Angeles neighborhood by photographing people with their dogs around my local park. The work evolves from recurring themes about companionship, care, and mutual identity."

For more information about commissioning your own Real Portrait, please email contact@soniapaulino.com